The vision for the Downtown Moose Jaw Association (DMJA) is to be Canada's Most Notoriously Charming Downtown, where the past shapes the future.

The current version of the DMJA was formed in 2019.

"The board's been just getting momentum and strength and starting to get a lot of things done," said DMJA Marketing Coordinator Craig Hemingway. "Last year was a hugely successful year with two huge events including a Greek Night and then the car show in September and then of course Christmas in Moose Jaw is always huge."

There's no membership fee to be a part of the DMJA.

Hemingway encourages any businesses, who are not already, to add their name to the DMJA email distribution list to help promote upcoming events.

He notes they have a lot planned for 2023.

"As we move forward, there's going to be a lot of beautification initiatives. A lot of things tied to the City of Moose Jaw's downtown local area plan. We're working really closely with the City of Moose Jaw as improvements are made downtown and infrastructure changes and trying to really adhere to that plan and do what we can do to help enhance that and one example of that was with the donation we made of $25,000 to help buy more of the new Christmas lights that have been going on in downtown Moose Jaw."

The new lights will be on display next Christmas.

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