Will they or won’t they? That seems to be a common question in Saskatchewan this week as we ask about a provincial election. Many expect an election will called very soon.


Rumours are flying that Premier Lorne Calvert will make an election announcement in the very near future. That speculation has been fueled by a great number of high profile government announcements lately, including some by local MLAs.

Moose Jaw North MLA Glenn Hagel says he's not privy to any information about an impending election.

"If there's rumours about an election I have not been included in those. I'm having my own nominating convention on Sunday."

Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Deb Higgins doubts an election call will be made this month.

"The Premier's called a tourism conference for I believe the 24th and 25th of September so we're looking at that and what happens when an election is called is that any type of government sponsored, whether its a conference or something that we're running, it will all come to an end."

While the NDP are staying tight-lipped about when the election will be called, the opposition parties are ready for the challenge. In fact, the Sask. Liberals unveiled a plank from their election platform Thursday.

Leader David Karwacki claims a Liberal government would eliminate the school portion of property taxes for residential properties. He says his government would pick up the tab worth 315 million dollars. However, corporations, businesses, and farmers would still have to pay education taxes on their property.

Despite the promise, Karwacki feels the Sask. Party will form the government after the next election. He's just hoping the Liberals will capture 5 to 10 seats in the process.