Moose Jaw City Hall has produced a pamphlet to help us prepare for the vote Wednesday including where to vote, who can vote, and how to vote.


All of the answers to all of your election questions can be answered thanks to a new voter's guide that was sent out last week.

The City of Moose Jaw has sent the pamphlet to all of us to help prepare for the October 25th election.

City Clerk Steven Schiefner says the guide is all about voting information and not the candidates. "The intent is to give people information about what the qualifications are to vote, about the advance polls, about how to vote, about where to vote, we also put information in there about the names of the candidates and we have also quoted the multiplex referendum question, and finally there's a bit of information about the new automated vote counting equipment."

If you have note received the Voter's Guide head down to City Hall.