Christa Lapointe’s Entrepreneurship 30 students at Vanier presented the final shareholders’ reports on January 24th, 2024, for their Junior Achievement businesses. 

Students in the class created businesses last year, launching sales of their products in November 2023. Wednesday saw them deliver the results to a panel as they liquidated their businesses.  

Members contributed $20 each towards business startup costs, and created and sold the products both individually and at trade shows. 


Beadlink Creations 

The eight-member business Beadlink Creations made and sold three types of silicone keychain wristlets ranging in price from $16 to $20.  

Aside from sales at trade shows and individually, they also made corporate sales to Tourism Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and ‘Dress Well With Giselle’ in Melfort, SK.  

The company surpassed their sales goal of 200 products, with 240 wristlets sold. They had a net income of $2761.14 and donated 15 per cent of their net profit to KidSport Moose Jaw, for a total of $414.  

The group had a target audience of 14 – to 50-year-olds developed a social media following, including 71 followers with 446 likes on Instagram, and 32 followers and 212 likes on TikTok. 

Business members included Adysen Moser Co-President/Head of Social Media), Oluwatimileyin Konu (Co-President/Head of Marketing and Sales), Gabrielle Orino (Head of Design), Tucker Swartz (Jack of All Trades), Keenan Noseworthy (Multiple Department Member), Nathan Manzanilla (Head of Finances), Leah Crossland (Head of Human Resources), and Marcus Zimmer (Head of Production).  

Oluwatimileyin Konu said that she thinks she will be an entrepreneur in the future. She was asked what her favourite part of the business was. "Being able to organize and being part of the administrating team in the business, and the whole teamwork and professionalism part of the business."

"We were very successful, and we hope future businesses can take from what we learned and pay it forward."


Unity Jewels 

The 13-member business Unity Jewels made and sold bracelets and necklaces, with products offered ranging in price from $12 to $17. 

Their goal was to sell 195 products, and they surpassed that with 218 products sold. Excluding their initial shares, they had a net income of $1570.47 and donated 20 per cent to Moose Jaw Transition House, for a total of $314.

Their social media following amounted to 35 Instagram followers, 45 followers with 357 likes on TikTok, and 12 Facebook followers.  

Product issues arose for the team, as they were not able to stamp the pendants that they had purchased.  

Business members included Waverly Demassi (Co-President), Ireland Guillaume (Co-President), Mia Melgarejo (Human Resources), Praizelle Gumacal (Charity/Partnership), Shiloh Gonzales (Marketing and Sales), Leoncia White (Production), Krishia Bautista (Social Media), Jenna Porter (Social Media), Aleksa Aquino (Finance), Kyrish Garlitos (Website Development), Althea Del Valle (Jack of All Trades), Tito Ogundehin (Jack of All Trades), Alina Dunn (Jack of All Trades),  

Ireland Guillaume was asked about her experience and said that the biggest takeaway was the need to do research after issues with stamping the stainless-steel pendants. "I definitely learned a lot. It was fun to work with a team, and to be able to see how businesses run."


The Entrepreneurship 30 class runs every fall at Vanier Collegiate.