Investors are letting their money talk when it comes to the environment. 

More and more people are looking at investing their money into companies and funds that are environmentally friendly. 

“So, for instance, it may be something along the lines of planet preservation, and maybe along the line of anti-carbon producing types of investments and those types of things. They call them environmentally-friendly type of investments,” said Aaron Ruston from Purposed Financial here in Moose Jaw. 

Because of the rise in its popularity, Ruston said financial advisors are including environmentally-friendly assets to help meet their client’s criteria. 

Ruston said there aren’t any higher risks with going with environmentally-friendly investments. However, like any investment, he said you should do your homework first. 

“Now, just because the bank has them or credit union has them doesn't mean they're the best. So, I recommend to people that they really do some good research. They look at the track records, they look to make sure that the money managers that are handling the funds have that long-term track record,” he said. 

There are also companies and funds out there that advertise that they are more environmentally conscious than they actually are. 

“Be aware, do your homework, check reliable sources and you'll find something that fits for you,” Ruston said. 

Nearly $38 billion was invested into environmentally-friendly assets in Canada last year.