An extreme cold warning is in effect for Moose Jaw and surrounding areas.

Environment and Climate Change Canada says we can expect extremely cold wind chill values of minus 40 overnight.

A period of extreme cold values will continue through the week during the overnight and early morning periods.

The extreme cold is expected to moderate by the weekend.

Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill.

The extreme cold warning is in effect for:

City of Moose Jaw
R.M. of Baildon including Briercrest
R.M. of Caron including Caronport and Caron
R.M. of Chaplin including Chaplin
R.M. of Craik including Craik and Aylesbury
R.M. of Dufferin including Bethune and Findlater
R.M. of Enfield including Central Butte
R.M. of Eyebrow including Eyebrow and Brownlee
R.M. of Hillsborough including Crestwynd and Old Wives lake
R.M. of Huron including Tugaske
R.M. of Maple Bush including Riverhurst and Douglas Prov. Park
R.M. of Marquis including Tuxford Keeler and Buffalo Pound
R.M. of Moose Jaw including Pasqua and Bushell Park
R.M. of Pense including Pense Belle Plaine and Stony Beach
R.M. of Redburn including Rouleau and Hearne
R.M. of Rodgers including Coderre and Courval
R.M. of Sarnia including Holdfast Chamberlain and Dilke
R.M. of Shamrock including Shamrock and Kelstern
R.M. of Wheatlands including Mortlach and Parkbeg