City of Moose Jaw Financial Services Director Brian Acker told city council on Monday night that last week’s provincial budget was, for the most part, positive for the city. 

In particular, the provincial government announced $340.2 million in municipal revenue sharing, a record increase of $42.2 million that will be coming to municipalities. 

“We had estimated that to be a 14.3 per cent increase, which you’ll recall we incorporated into our 2024 budget and indeed that was the amount that came forward. So that very positive for the city. That’s a significant increase in funding that helps support our operating budget,” said Acker. 

Acker added that there was a slight increase of $329,000 on a $22 million policing grant budget. While that increase was small, there was a significant increase to policing and public safety in general. 

“There was an increase overall in enhancing the policing and public safety budget of about $2.1 million. Whether that benefits our police service will remain to be seen,” said Acker. 

Meanwhile, Acker pointed to the fact that other programs that affect municipalities such as paratransit funding and social services subsidized bus pass programs did not received funding increases. 

“That may have a small negative impact overall in our program, but nothing too major,” explained Acker. 

He noted that there were no changes to the provincial library system’s funding, so libraries could be forced to make some difficult decisions. There were also no changes to the urban parks' budgets, meaning Wakamow Valley will not see an increase to the statutory funding. 

Finally, Acker outlined that residents will not be an increase in education taxes, and he highlighted the ongoing funding for the new joint-use school on South Hill as that project moves forward.