Saskatchewan RCMP want the public to know about an increase in financial sextortion cases targeting youths aged 13-16 over the last year. 

Staff Sgt. Scott Lambie with the Saskatchewan RCMP Major Crimes Branch described financial sextortion that is taking place on popular apps used by teenagers. “The offender will try to lure the youth to get them to submit a naked image to them. Then they capture that image, and send it back to them, saying ‘This is what you sent me, and I’m going to now distribute it to all your friends and family unless you send me some money.’” 

“The teenagers get very concerned about this, and they rush around to gather the money that the offender wants,” added Lambie. 

He said that all youths are at risk regardless of gender. “A convenient target is what they’re looking for. They’re going to search out these young kids in places where they’re liable to be active on those apps, and just lure them into this scam and try to make some money off them.” 

As a preventative measure, parents should warn their children that this is happening, and make sure children know they can come to their parents if they’re in trouble.  

“Tell your kids, never send any nudes online. Once that picture is out there, it’s out there. There [are] ways that we can try and recall the picture and get it taken down, but it takes some time, and it’s not entirely successful all the time.” 

If someone believes they are a victim of financial sextortion or that someone is attempting financial sextortion, they should report it to local police, and not send any money. 

Lambie said to stop all communication, take screenshots of text, note down any usernames, and block the user.  

If you don’t want to go to police, has resources on steps that you can take and the ability to make a report. 

Saskatchewan RCMP's Internet Child Exploitation Unit saw 931 cases of online child sexual exploitation in the 2022-2023 fiscal year and is expected to see over 1,000 this year.