After months of hard work and preparation the Harmony Arts Program is ready to debut their performance of ‘Finding Nemo Jr’. The event will take place on March 15 and 16 at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre with a total of three shows. 

“Harmony Arts is a children’s theatre company. We produce shows throughout the community during the year. This year our big musical theatre program is, we are producing Finding Nemo Jr. The kids have been working really hard at this on since November and they are excited and very ready to take it to stage,” says Harmony Arts Director Jan Denbigh. 

They describe their favourite scenes in the show and their what they like most about the Harmony Arts Program.

“My favourite scene is probably after a song ‘Just Keep Swimming’ where Marlin says he can go off on his own, and then Dori starts crying because she wants to help his son and they meet a bunch of friendly moonfish who help them find where they are supposed be going,” said Eva, who plays Dori.  

"I like Harmony Arts because I like it when you are singing and dancing ... and make friends with other people you don't know," said Audrey, who plays Nemo in the show and has been in the Harmony Arts Program since she was five years old.

The children said that they are a little nervous but also confident that they will put on a great performance.

Tickets for Finding Nemo Jr. Can be found at the Mae Wilson Theatre box office for $20 plus tax or purchased online following the links on either the Harmony Arts Program website or Moose Jaw Cultural Centre website