Joyful elementary kids from the Holy Trinity Catholic School Division filled the room as they competed for the top prizes.

Throwing specially designed paper airplanes, grade 6 students tried to go the distance in the first Flight Camp held at Vanier Collegiate.

Planes were judged by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds themselves, and each team competed for design, application and distance, with a few planes incredibly making it all the way across the gymnasium and bouncing off the back

Grade 6 students awaiting their chance to throw their planes during the Flight Camp. wall.

Terry Marak, Vice Principal of Vanier, said the first ever Flight Camp was in conjunction with their Flight Unit course.
"So we thought this was a great way of working together with our elementary school kids, get them in the building, expose them the the gym and the big things here at Vanier. And it just worked out great with their curriculum, how everything works together."

The Snowbirds, dressed in their flight suits, helped the kids design their plans, as well as gave them tips. They were also the judges for the final part of the morning, where they circled each school's table and went over each part of the
many designs and features of the paper planes.

The main goal of the day, said Marak, was to have fun. "The whole day I can't tell you how many smiles I saw on their faces. So I believe this is something that's going to stick with them. They were very interested in the units when I was talking with the teachers. And seeing them interact with each other today, there was so much fun going on that I know this is something that they are going to remember and take with them for a long time."

Every grade 6 student also was given permission to attend the Home Opener for the Snowbirds on Friday, out at 15 Wing Moose Jaw, officially kicking off the 2019 airshow season.

The show wasn't open to the public, but the kids were granted special access.

A full photo gallery of the camp available here.