A few of the city’s outdoor rinks could be ready to go within the next couple of weeks. 

City crews began this week flooding Priority 1 rinks, the Crokicurl rink and the Wakamow Valley Skating Oval.  

“Once the lights are on, it’s basically ready to go and then we’ll try to communicate that message that the rinks are ready,” said Recreation Services Manager Scott Osmachenko. 

Usually the city has the outdoor rinks ready to go around Christmastime. However, this year the weather did not cooperate. The mild temperatures combined with the lack of snow delayed the process. 

“The lack of snow also plays an impact. Sometimes that snow makes a slush and helps with the flooding. So yeah, it’s definitely been a slower time to flood,” Osmachenko said. 

Priority 1 outdoor rinks include: 

  • East End Rink: Ninth Avenue and Ominica Street East 
  • Sunningdale Rink: Daffodil Drive 
  • Moose Square Rink: 600 Block of Stadacona Street West 
  • West End Rink: 10th Avenue and Athabasca Street West 
  • Smith Park Rink: 1200 Block of Hasting Street 
  • Regal Heights Rink: 1400 Block of 13th Avenue Northwest 

Osmachenko said they are usually looking for temperatures to stay steady around -10 degrees Celsius to be able to flood. 

“I think the weather forecast looks good. We’re also working on our crews working in the evenings and on the weekends just to get some water on when it’s at the coldest temperature,” he said. 

As for Priority 2 and 3 rinks, Osmachenko said their focus right now is to get the Priority 1 rinks up and running and the city will look at the weather in the next couple of weeks to see if the other rinks can be flooded. 

“If we get some really cold weather, yeah, we’ll start talking about priority two and priority three rinks,” Osmachenko said. 

Priority 2 and 3 rinks include: 

  • Kinfield Rink: 100 Block of Grandview Street West 
  • Clark Gillies Rink: Ross Crescent and Oxford Street East 
  • Wood Lily Rink: 466 Wood Lily Drive 
  • Henleaze skating pad: 1100 Block of Henleaze Avenue (Priority 3) 
  • Elgin Park skating pad: Eighth Avenue and Hall Street West (Priority 3) 

He added there are also community association-run outdoor rinks at Kinsmen West Park, Veterans Peach Park and Westheath that the community associations are working hard to get up and running. 

Notice of the outdoor rinks will be posted on the City of Moose Jaw’s Facebook page as well as you can check the status on the City of Moose Jaw’s website

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