The Moose Jaw and District Food Bank is looking to raise $30,000 for plumbing repairs.  

Terri Smith, operations manager with the Moose Jaw and District Food Bank, spoke about their sewer and water line collapse.

“We have to have a whole replacement inside and outside. It’s going to be quite costly, and insurance does not cover commercial property.” 

She said that the unexpected situation means that they will be closed to clients today through Wednesday at a minimum. “After that, I’m not exactly sure. We’ve been posting it on Facebook and on our doors just to let people know where we’re at a couple days in advance.” 

Smith said the sewer and water work is expected to cost between $24,000 to $30,000.  

Anyone interested in donating can visit the Go Fund Me here or donate on the food bank’s website. “Once we’re back up and running, then you can stop in here and make a cash donation, or you can just mail us a donation.” 

Numbers have increased for food bank usage. In February, they handed out 850 hampers for Moose Jaw households. 

If you need food during the closure, Square One has a list of locations in Moose Jaw that offer meals for those experiencing food insecurity.