Students from across the province bring their forum to the Friendly City to learn about some career opportunities.


Altogether 18 students from around the province are picking up some valuable knowledge and experience through the first-ever Saskatchewan Leadership Forum.

Among them is Moose Jaw's own Michelle Turcotte. The Vanier Collegiate senior applied to take part in the forum and was accepted based on her "outstanding leadership skills".

The 10-day forum focuses on leadership skills and career opportunities for students. Monday, the students are actually in Moose Jaw, taking in events 15 Wing at the Tunnels.

Turcotte feels she's benefited from the forum so far, and says she plans to take the knowledge and skills she's picked up, with her in her future endeavors.

"Right now I'm thinking about going to the U of S and probably start Arts and Sciences but eventually medicine is where I want to head..."

The Hounourable Lieutenant Governor Dr. Gordon Barnhart says the students selected have demonstrated outstanding skills already, and forum will only help them in the future.

"They're meeting with the presidents and CEOs with companies and businesses. In the eleven days... I suspect they'll be exposed to at least 30 different types of careers that they could have so its and encouragement to finish high school and to have some definite plans for post secondary education."