PanTerra Resources has been having problems with Mother Nature lately as rain and snow halt operations around Moose Jaw.


Gas drilling in the Moose Jaw area has hit another snag thanks to Mother Nature.

PanTerra Resources is in the process of drilling 16 wells around Moose Jaw with the hopes of finding shallow natural gas.

Vice President Herve Collet says the problems are not really something they can control. "It decided to rain and snow last week and we were in the middle of a summer follow field so we had to shut down. We're hoping for it to dry up so we've suspended for about a week down by Aylesbury because there's just to much mud and the roads are soft."

Collet says getting gas to flow is a slow process and it could be a year and a half before full operations are up and running. Once that happens though he expects some jobs to be create.

"There'll be work for contractors, a little bit of pipelining to be done, trucking, there might be some construction worker, then subsequent to that we may need some operators. I would imagine that we may even come in and set up a small office or something there."