The City of Moose Jaw and Golden West Broadcasting, the parent company of, have partnered to provide a free after-school program to children in the community.  

The Free After School Program provides use of the Yara Centre turf facilities to children aged 5 to 17 free of charge in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. on school days. The program allows use of the facility for unstructured play during the after-school hours. 

The program is part of a three-year agreement with the City of Moose Jaw which contributes $24,000 towards parks and recreation spaces within the community. 

“Providing the youth of our community with an outlet to have fun, play and be energetic, is so important to us at Discover Moose Jaw and Golden West Broadcasting,” says Leslie Campbell, General Manager Golden West & Homefield Moose Jaw. 

“We are looking forward to seeing lots of kids out here burning off some energy and have a good time.” 

Clive Tolley, the Mayor of Moose Jaw, said he is grateful for another program that helps to make the fullest use of the Yara Centre. 

“What I'm most excited about is the use of this building. When we built this (facility) and we got sponsorship from Yara, we knew it would be busy, but it's really busy here for a Wednesday morning!” Tolley said enthusiastically. 

“With this opportunity, this sponsorship from Golden West Broadcasting, there's going to be an after-school program where kids from (aged) 5 to (17) can come and use the facility and I think it's just exciting that we are going to be using it all day and not just parts of the day.”