A swath of severe weather tracked through south-central Saskatchewan throughout the afternoon and evening yesterday and produced one unconfirmed tornado south of Moose Jaw. 

“In the afternoon we did have a pilot that had reported a tornado just South of Moose Jaw,” said Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist, Shannon Moodie. 

The report was submitted via PIREPS – a reporting software that pilots use to report flight, ground, atmospheric, or airport conditions encountered by an aircraft. 

“[Environment and Climate Change Canada] didn't speak to the pilot, so we don't know if they actually saw [the tornado] touch down or what the entire story was there,” noted Moodie adding that was only one report and it wasn’t backed up by pictures or other public reports. 

Assiniboia was hit particularly hard by rain and hail. The weather station in Assiniboia reported 40 mm of rain - 25 mm yesterday afternoon and another 15 mm overnight - and pictures of large hail were submitted to Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“For in Assiniboia, we had several reports of hail. Some dime and quarter size, but the biggest we had was golf ball size,” says Moodie. 

Regina also received a significant amount of rain throughout the storms. Gauges within Regina reported about 22 mm of rain, which resulted in several flooded underpasses and impassable roads. 

The Moose Jaw area officially reported between 2 and 5 mm of rain according to Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

The unsettled weather is expected to stick around throughout the remainder of the day.