The third annual Greek Night promises to be quite the gala event when it makes its return to the Moose Jaw Events Centre on Saturday, May 11. 

The event has been generating a lot of attention within the city, with the initial run of 350 tickets quickly selling out, organizers have since expanded the number available to 382 tickets.

The Downtown Moose Jaw Association (DMJA) and Tourism Moose Jaw have plenty of activities planned for the evening. The usual favourites such as plate smashing, live music, and dancing will all take place. Aside from the usual activities there is also a draw for a $7500 travel voucher, as well as some new additions, says Jacki L’Heureux-Mason, Executive Director of Tourism Moose Jaw.   

“What we are doing is a gift card giveaway,” said L’Heureux-Mason “You’re going to purchase your tickets; you will be surprised with what gift card you get. As a bonus there will be a cash draw at the end, so that will be something exciting to stick around for.” 

Also included will be a Moose Jaw themed game of ‘heads or tails’ centered around our city's mascot, Mac the Moose. 

“We’re calling it ‘Rack or Rump’,” said L’Heureux-Mason. “What will happen is: you’re going to pay to participate and somebody’s going to flip a coin and if it’s heads and you’ve selected the rack, then you will be able to move forward to the next round.” 

The full night of Greek food and activities will be accompanied by live music by Arkadia, a traditional-style Greek band. 

“They are award-winning artists known internationally for their expertise and skill in Greek music,” said L’Heureux-Mason. “They totally know how to entertain people with their traditional-style Greek music.” 

The funds raised by Greek Night go towards the beautification of downtown Moose Jaw. Making projects such as the purchase and replacement of Christmas lights, as well as the maintenance and refurbishment of the Moose Jaw Trolleys –an extremely popular tourist attraction- possible. 

These events beautification projects all serve to assist the larger goal of the Downtown Moose Jaw Association and Tourism Moose Jaw says L’Heureux-Mason: 

“(The fundraisers) ensure that we can continue our programming so that we can get the word out about how wonderful Moose Jaw is, what a great little place it is to visit.”