Heritage Inn hotels has provided an update as UFCW Local 1400 union employees have been locked out since September. 

The hotel said, since the summer, negotiations have stalled with the union, however close to 80 per cent of employees are still working. 

According to Heritage Inn, government-assisted mediated bargaining ended in June for Saskatoon followed by Moose Jaw in July. They say it wasn’t until October that the hotel received an offer from the union. 

Currently, negotiations for the Moose Jaw collective agreement have not resumed as the union is negotiating the Saskatoon agreement first. The hotel said it wasn’t consulted about the decision to negotiate Saskatoon’s agreement first. 

“Both hotels are priorities for Heritage Inn hotels,” said the Heritage Inn press release. 

Negotiations for Saskatoon have continued throughout October and the Heritage Inn submitted a counterproposal on Nov. 3 for Saskatoon and are awaiting a reply. 

The hotel says they have proposed three dates in early December to resume bargaining with the goal of discussing both Saskatoon and Moose Jaw hotels. 

The union says it has been trying to reach a new collective agreement for months and no offer has been given to vote on, nor has there been an appeal to the government for a final vote. 

Members have been without a collective agreement since June of 2019. 

Issues stem around wages and the removal of benefits. 

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