The Project 104 High School Arts Collective Graffiti Team and the city’s Public Art Committee are teaming up to spruce up Crescent Park’s Old Comfort Station.  

The arts collective approached the Public Art Committee last month with a proposal.  

The mural concept consists of seven panels that are about four feet tall by two feet wide. The murals would depict historic scenes from Crescent Park and the bridges that used to cross the creek. The lead artist for the project is Emma Rowlinson.

The arts collective partnered with the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of History for research.  

Each panel will replace the wood window coverings on the Old Public Comfort Station that are often covered in graffiti. The design of the artwork will look like stained glass windows.  

“The committee had asked that the Project 104 Collective come and do a presentation for the committee, and it was such a great presentation,” said Coun. Heather Eby, who sits on the Public Art Committee.   

“Any concerns that the committee had regarding that project were completely laid to rest that day and the committee is so excited about the project. They put together a great package for us.”  

The project comes at no cost to the city as the Moose Jaw Police Service purchases the materials and supplies. A journeyman carpenter has partnered with the arts collective to measure and cut the materials for free. 

Below is a video about who the Project 104 Arts Collective are: