Author: 800 CHAB News

Not much new after a meeting between the City of Moose Jaw and the Department of Highways late last week.

But, it's a good first step according to our City Engineer Ryan Johnson.

Johnson attended the meeting in Regina to discuss dangerous intersections along the TransCanada Highway.  "The Mayor and myself met with officials from Saskatchewan Highways to look at the possibility of putting signal-lighted intersections at the intersection of 9th Avenue North West and the Trans Canada Highway and at the intersection of the #1 Highway and Thatcher Drive.  This is just the kick-off meeting to set the terms of reference and discuss the things we want looked at and reviewed.  We should see a drafte report by the end of August," Johnson said.

Over the last few years the intersections along the TransCanada on the outskirts of the city have been the scenes of many accidents, several of them deadly.