Changes have been made to the liquor regulations that govern the serving of homemade alcohol at family events holding a special occasion permit in the province.

As of April 2, 2024, individuals with a special occasion permit may now serve beer or wine that was either made at home or at a licensed U-Brew or U-Vin facilities at weddings, reunions, and other family events. 

"These changes provide additional options for people hosting a wedding, reunion or other family event, while also enhancing business opportunities for U-Brew and U-Vin facilities where customers manufacture their own products," Minister Responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Dustin Duncan said in a press release. "Government will continue to reduce unnecessary liquor regulations when possible while balancing the need to ensure alcohol is served and consumed responsibly." 

Events will still require a special occasion permit from SLGA, and organizers cannot charge guests for homemade wine or beer.

To learn more about special occasion permits and restrictions visit the SLGA website.