The homicide rate in Saskatchewan is double the national average with gang activity on the rise even here in Moose Jaw.


New numbers from Statistics Canada shows Saskatchewan's homicide rate is at its highest point in 30 years. Saskatchewan currently has 4.3 homicides for every 100 thousand people; the national rate was 2.04 for every 100 thousand.

While the province showed some terrible numbers Moose Jaw showed numbers below the national average according to Police Chief Terry Coleman. "Fortunately in Moose Jaw we don't have to many homicides. We didn't have any in 2005, we have one before the courts for 2006, we had one second degree murder and one manslaughter for each of 2004 and 2003."

Gang related deaths are on the rise in Saskatchewan and Chief Coleman says the Indian Posse and the Native Syndicate have been spotted here in Moose Jaw, which is a cause for concern.