Candidates and their volunteers will be out on the streets this weekend in droves as they try to take advantage of the nice weather.


Day Two on the campaign trail for candidates in Election 2007 is looking better, weather wise, compared to Day One.

On Thursday the two big parties made some pretty big promises. Lorne Calvert and the NDP have promised a Universal Drug Plan where no one would pay more than 15 dollars for a prescription.

Brad Wall and the SaskParty have launched a policy to keep youth in our province by offering a tuition rebate for 20 thousand dollars.

Here in Moose Jaw, candidates are focusing on the local issues as they go door to door, like Moose Jaw North Incumbent Glenn Hagel.

"Something very important to constituents in the Senior's Drug Plan, the graduate tax exemption, and people are still mentioning the reduction in sales tax. What people are saying to me is that things are good and I'm encouraged that they may very well be looking to have me to continue to represent them in Moose Jaw North."

Hagel's main opposition in making back to the Legislature was one of the first, if not the first to get his signs up.

Saskatchewan Party Candidate Warren Michelson already has a strong presence in Moose Jaw when it comes to his campaign for Election 2007. As soon as the sun was up Thursday you could see his signs on the front lawns of local supports.

"The message that we seem to be getting is that people are ready for change and its good that they've got that opportunity to voice their opinion."

Another man looking to end the 21-year tenure of the NDP's Hagel, is the Liberal's John Morris.

"What I've heard so far is that people think there is going to be a change. People are tired of the NDP and they want something new. People are also concerned with us not getting the hospital expansion and renovation... its a very big topic here."