Through the new music, upbeat tempos, and overall positivity, it would come as a surprise to many that the Hunter Brothers have had to overcome more than a few hardships over the last couple of years. 

Back in May of 2021, just one month before the release of their third studio album, ‘Been a Minute,’ Luke Hunter, obtained severe injuries and found himself in the hospital for an extended stay. 

His injuries included shattered bones, a dislocated elbow, severed ligaments and tendons, and a broken wrist.  

At the time of the incident, it was unclear whether the bass player, who had just taken home Bass Player of the Year at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, would ever be able to play as he did prior to the accident. 

Ty Hunter, frontman for the group, said it has been a wonderful experience watching his brother recover. 

“It's been pretty phenomenal watching his journey,” he stated. “He he's gone through a lot of surgery, and he's just worked really hard with his physio, and now he is playing the guitar again, which is something that they weren't 100% sure if that was going to be the case.”  

Just as Luke Hunter was nearing recovery from his incident last year, Brock Hunter tweaked his knee, causing him to need surgery. 

“He was working out on the farm on the airstrip, Ty explained. “Then when we were playing in Cavendish the other day, he popped something and ended up being in surgery. So, he's on crutches right now.” 

Ty added that Brock may be playing from a stool for a while but is anxiously anticipating getting back on his feet. 

The Hunter Brothers have released two singles so far in 2022 and were recently nominated for two CCMA awards.