Tourism Moose Jaw is excited about this year's annual Twinkle Tour. 

“The Twinkle Tour is basically a self-guided tour,” explains Jacki L'Hereaux-Mason, the Executive Director of Tourism Moose Jaw. “You can get into your car and go grab a hot chocolate from Mitsu [Café] and enjoy that while you’re taking in some of the amazing lights that we have around Moose Jaw.” 

Tourism Moose Jaw received about 85 house submissions in a prior year, but they hope to break that record this year. 

L'Hereaux-Mason explained more about which houses to check out. 

“If you drive out onto Caribou [St.] West, some of those houses are incredibly decorated... A lot of people won’t bother submitting either, because once there’s a few in their area [they won’t need to], so there's probably hundreds and hundreds of houses you can check out.” 

The mapping process is also quite simple. 

“What we will do is coordinate it [by] area,” added L'Hereaux-Mason. “[That way] you can say ‘okay, we’ll tackle the East Side today,’ and ‘the West Side tomorrow...’ We’re going to [start publishing those] on our Facebook page on December 1st. We will be offering limited amounts of printed copies of the map, [which] will have little red dots on them, but also the addresses on the other side.” 

Tourism Moose Jaw will be accepting house submissions until December 22. 

To submit your house, call 306-693-8097 or email