Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

There was a sold out crowd at the Heritage Inn Thursday night for the Moose Jaw Warrior's Golf Tournament Corporate Night.

Normally, the fundraiser benefits the Warrior's Education Fund, but Thursday all proceeds were donated to the MultiPlex project.

Keynote speaker, President and CEO of IPSCO David Sutherland spoke about the project and was very excited to hear of the possibilities for his hometown. "When you live in a very large city, a city of many millions of people, if you let an opportunity pass you by there's a pretty good chance you'll have another shot at something else. In smaller communities there's not the scale for that and if you let an opportunity like this pass you by it may never come back in a life time so you have to take advantage of it, you have to be looking forward, and you have to be looking at the future."

Sutherland made it very clear during his presentation that a downtown site would be most beneficial to our city making reference to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa and Casino Moose Jaw. "What would Moose Jaw be like with out them today?"