South Hill’s Kinette Peter Pan Playground received a welcome facelift courtesy of a joint effort between the South Hill Community Organization and the Moose Jaw Kinette Club. 

The Peter Pan Playground reopened on Thursday afternoon upon the revitalization project's completion, for which the volunteer organizations teamed up to raise funds and take on the work needed to refresh the space. 

“We’ve talked about it for a couple of years about the things that we wanted to do at the park to refresh it, but it really all came together this spring,” said South Hill Community Association Chair, Crystal Froese. “We were able to partner with Parks and Rec and actually get it happening.” 

Upon the decision being made, the volunteer crew got to work getting the park ready in time for summer. 

“We painted all of the equipment here, it was completely volunteering. The swing sets, the apparatus, everything, the picnic tables (too),” Froese said. “And we received funding and were fundraising for the additional equipment, the additional picnic tables.” 

The decision to make the park even more child friendly was an easy one due to its proximity to several schools and daycares, for whom child-sized picnic tables and accessible seating areas were installed. 

“We do see a lot of little children coming here, and so we thought it would be a great amenity to have the child sized picnic tables,” explained Froese. 

Outdoor spaces like the Kinette Peter Pan Playground are important for the surrounding neighborhoods, and the hard work of volunteer groups like the South Hill Community Association and the Moose Jaw Kinette Club makes them all the more inviting. 

“It just gives a bit more longevity to the equipment and it’s just more attractive to the neighborhood. This is just a small little pocket park, so it serves the really close neighborhood here, and it deserves some attention, and it was a really fun day,” Froese said.  

“It was really a labour of love, all done by volunteers.”  

Froese goes on to give some hints about which projects the South Hill Community Association has in their sights, with the group having recently been in talks with members of the community about what they would like to see done. 

“We’re going to really launch into a much larger fundraising campaign as well,” said Froese. “We have a brand-new school that’s opening on South Hill, and we know that it’s going to need some playground equipment.”