Moose Jaw’s Kandy and Vern Gurnsey are April’s “Notoriously Good Neighbours” after a nomination from their neighbour, Haley Hutchinson.  

Hutchinson said the Gurnseys are wonderful neighbours, who share space on their back driveway and share what they’ve grown in their garden.  

"Whether it's Kandy talking though the fence to my dog, or Vern just giving a hello and a quick wave in the morning before we leave for work, they just are super cheerful people."

She pointed to an instance where her dog had pushed through the window, and she got a text message from Kandy. "They're just always keeping an eye on things."

"I just think Moose Jaw should know that I'm incredibly lucky that I get to have them as neighbours and no one else does!"

The Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce and City of Moose Jaw created the program, and they pick a monthly winner to acknowledge the contributions that good neighbours make in supporting their community. 

If you have a neighbour you think deserves a shoutout for the #notorious actions they take to brighten the neighbourhood, you can nominate them on the City of Moose Jaw app, or on the City of Moose Jaw website.