It was announced this week that King George Elementary School will be the recipient of a $15,000 grant as part of the Mosaic School Nutrition Challenge.  

King George School is one of 10 schools in the province that will be receiving $15,000 grants.  

The grant, provided by the Mosaic Company, supports projects with the goal of implementing or expanding nutrition programs, enhancing kitchen and garden facilities or increasing educational opportunities for students and families to support reconciliation and cultural projects.  

The school had recently been looking for ways to better support wellness and healthy habits before coming up with the idea of having nutrition stations in each classroom.  

“We had kind of talked about whether we would want to do a breakfast program and how that might look. We really just didn't have the space to accomplish that. So, then our conversation turned to how we could possibly set up some nutrition stations in each one of our classrooms,” explained Principal Jill Tressel.  

The nutrition stations would supply the students with healthy breakfast items as well as healthy snack foods to ensure students do not go hungry.   

Tressel said they were thrilled when they learned the school would be receiving the grant to make the nutrition stations happen.  

“When we received the news, of course, we were just so happy, and I think so many students are going to benefit. We're also just interested to see what impact this has on our learning outcomes too,” she said.  

The funds will go towards purchasing equipment to start up the nutrition stations and groceries. 

“That may be things like a mini fridge for each classroom. We've talked about things like perhaps even a toaster. It'll just be any items that we'll need in each classroom to kind of make sure that we can offer the best options,” Tressel said.  

While the nutrition stations are a school project, the Grade 7 and 8 Student Leadership Council will help with making sure the stations are stocked up. This includes doing a weekly inventory, helping to budget and developing grocery lists.