Human behavioural expert, Layne Pethick, is leading a "Teaching Behaviours at Home" seminar in cooperation with South Central Early Childhood Intervention Program. 

The presentation is geared towards parents seeking guidance on how to manage their child's behaviours at home. 

"It's mostly to help [parents] understand how to teach behaviour at home," Pethick commented. "But they will also learn a lot about themselves too while they are going through it."

Pethick works and lives in Texas, but was born and raised in Moose Jaw. He is excited to come back to his hometown and educate people on human behaviour, specifically in children. 

"It's like a free therapy session because no matter your age, it explains why your brain may be doing things to you and why you're struggling with things in life," Pethick remarked. "It's a lot of fun to sit and talk about and share with everybody!"

Pethick is a true expert in his field, with a PhD in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Behavioural Consultation, a Master's degree in special education, and degrees in elementary and early childhood education. 

The event is being hosted at the Heritage Inn Jubilee C Room on May 10th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.