April is coming to a close, which means the annual tax deadline is drawing nearer and nearer.

Aaron Ruston, financial expert from Purposed Financial, is encouraging people to get their taxes done sooner than later. 

"Whether you owe money or not, please get them in," Ruston remarked. "If you owe money, there will be some penalties that will undoubtedly be put against you."

Ruston mentioned that there are certain intricacies to check for when completing your taxes. This includes new homeowner benefits, home savings account plans, pensions, and taking advantage of capital losses. 

"If you really want some good insight, pick a good tax person that has experience. They have access to all the equipment, financial systems, and filing software, " Ruston commented. "Check them out, because they will be able to answer questions beyond what you realize you may have to ask."

Taxes are due May 1, 2023. People are encouraged to seek financial help or do research online in order to properly file their taxes. 

Although they do not offer tax services, Purposed Financial can give guidance for which direction to take when completing taxes. 

If you would like their help, you can find Purpose Financial at 81A Athabasca Street West, visit their website at purposefinancial.com, or give Ruston a call personally at (306) 684-1934.