The Masonic group Memorial Lodge #172 in Moose Jaw will hit a major milestone later this year.  

On June 21, 2023, the lodge will hit the centennial mark of being a chartered Masonic Lodge, which calls for a celebration.  

On June 20, the lodge will be hosting a celebration at Moose Jaw’s Masonic Temple (1755 Main Street North).  

“We have invited all the other Masons in the area to come out and bring their spouses,” says Memorial Lodge #172 Worshipful Master, Allan Gall. “The Grand Master of Saskatchewan and some of his party will be coming to the ceremony. We’re hoping for a good evening of fellowship. We change the collars that we wear, the jewels change from silver to a gold colour now being 100 years old.” 

The exact details are being worked out between the Lodge and the Grand Master of Saskatchewan into exactly what the celebration will look like.  

Gall says this milestone is a big accomplishment for him, his fellow Masons' and the founding members.  

“It’s exciting for me. “I served in the Air Force for 23 years and a good friend introduced me to Masonry and into the lodge,” adds Gall. “I’ve since worked my way through the positions up to the Worshipful Master spot now. It’s a fun organization and it’s a lot of fellowship.  

“It’s been an interesting journey, there is a lot of memory work that we have to do, relative to the ceremonies, but it has been a great time and I have met a lot of really wonderful that I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” explains Gall.  

The Worshipful Master oversees everyone in the lodge and ensures that they are carrying out their duties efficiently. 

Memorial Lodge #172 was instituted in 1923 by returning servicemen from the First World War. The lodge is known as a servicemen’s lodge, which has housed and currently houses military veterans, police personnel, firefighters, and railway workers.  

They started with 21 founding members in 1923, with the first Master of the Lodge being William Brown.  

Gall says that Masonry is a fraternal organization, meaning men only, and began back in the 12th Century from the Knights Templer. The meetings were secretive as the Templars were being hunted across Europe.  

“The purpose of Masonry is to take good men and make them better. A lot of the principles of Masonry is being good to other people, aiding in distress if it won’t cause you any distress, and being a good upstanding citizen is the basis of Masonry.” 

The Lodge is also community focused, as over the years they have spearheaded a group to assist in the city’s Community Clean Up event, yearly take part in a cancer walk, have done fundraising for displaced residents, and yearly sponsor a teenager for the Masonic Youth Leadership Camp in Waka.  

Memorial Lodge #172 is always looking for new members. Those who are interested in becoming a Mason can reach out to the Lodge at 306-692-3924.