If you want to get a home in Sunningdale, good luck! You'll have to find one that's already built after a lot sale frenzy this summer.


All the Sunningdale lots that were on sale are sold. 46 lots went up for sale August 13th and they are gone.

These lots, you may remember became available thanks to Sask. Environment lifting restrictions since Burrowing Owls did not return this year. 24 private sales were made and local contractors bought the rest.

City Clerk Steven Schiefner says the city has sold about 150 lots this year across the city.

"Last year we were down around the 65 mark so there is a high demand for construction but there is a limitation on the capacity of our builders to build. There's only so many contractors and sub trades and suppliers that can keep up with that demand."

There are still some lots available on South Hill in the West Heath sub-division.