Advance polls are now open for the Civic Election. As we decide who to vote for our election coverage takes a look at Walt Yakiwchuk, Al Schwinghamer, and Bob Peden.


If you haven't made up your mind yet, time is running out as Advanced Polls for the Moose Jaw Civic Election wrap up at City Hall today. The polls are open today from 2 until 6pm. As we start to figure out who to vote for our election coverage continues as we get to candidates 16, 17, and 18.

He's been a resident of Moose Jaw for 43 years, he's a recipient of the Citizen of the Year award in 1987, and he's been a member of Moose Jaw City Council since 2000, and is looking for a third term. Walt Yakiwchuk is one of 22 candidates we have to choose from for council.

"Currently the provision of sporting and recreational facilities albeit the multiplex are focal to this election. It is well recognized that all that capital upgrades new facilities are required and requested. All capital projects are inter-related and cannot be singularly viewed and dealt with in isolation".

When it comes to the multiplex, Yakiwchuk says the decision needs to be made with other major projects in mind.

It's a step down in the minds of some, but for Al Schwinghamer it's a way to stay involved in the community. Schwinghamer has just completed his second term as mayor of Moose Jaw and is now looking for a spot as a councillor.

"I do support the concept of the multiplex, and yes moving forward with the multiplex coupled with partnerships that could be and are being arranged with our senior governments. We are working with those people presently and yes there is some encouragement. Let's not say no for somebody else. Let's keep working with them and hopefully get something for our community".

Schwinghamer is a licensed professional Civil Engineer with 30 years plus experience, in addition to 6 years as a councillor as well as 6 years as mayor.

The man behind the multiplex petition has had enough and is now running for city council. Bob Peden is one of 22 names on the ballot for Wednesday's election and decided to run after what he calls people being misled when it comes to the multiplex.

"If the majority of people vote against the multi-plex then the city council can proceed with the project in spite of the majority opinion against it. I want to see that the opinion and the will of the people is followed in this regard".

Peden has worked as a Constituency Assistant for our local MLA's for 11 years and says his experience with the provincial government can transfer to City Hall.

Election Day is October 25th here in Moose Jaw. We have 22 council candidates to choose from, three candidates for mayor, as well we will have to vote on the future of the multiplex project.