Rob: Ah construction, the last time we got together for take five, we touched on this. The infrastructure renewal program, which includes water main replacement, the schedule is being finalized right now, and details on the first location set for water main replacement will be announced very soon. 

Maryse: It will be announced, and I want to talk about it, mainly because there is some significant areas in town, busier areas, that are on their list for this year.  

As an example, the zero block of Main Street is actually on our list for cast, and for just paving replacement. And of course, we all know how important that area of town is, especially in the summer for tourism.  

We have a few requirements in place to ensure we're reducing the impact that we'll have on the local businesses.  

My main message for all our residents, and for tourists coming to the city, is that it's going to be business as usual. Everything will be open in town. Businesses are still open.  

There'll be some construction, but we'll make sure that people can access our downtown, can be there, and can still go to those normal businesses that you go to on Main Street. 

Rob: Of course we will have to take precautions for the pedestrian traffic. 

Maryse: Absolutely, we will have barriers, but we’ll make sure that the sidewalks, as much as we can, are usable so that you can access the businesses. 

Rob: Paving will ensue after the cast iron water mains are replaced on the zero block of Main Street, paving from Manitoba all the way to Fairford, right? 

Maryse: That’s correct, because the cast is only on the zero block and then the paving will go all the way to Fairford. Correct. 

Rob: Thank goodness, those are some rough stretches of road. 

Maryse: There are some areas in town, absolutely, that need a little bit of love. 

Rob: Yeah. Ok, we’ll say a little bit of love, sure.  

Anything else we need to talk about today? 

Maryse: No, it’s great to see the sun. It’s great to see spring coming along. But really inviting everyone for the cleanup is the most important point because we want to ensure that our city looks as great as it can. 

Rob: For sure. Again, the spring cleanup. Community cleanup day, Sunday May 5th, you’re asked to take some time to clean up your yard and your area of the city. And on Sunday, May the 5th the city will provide garbage bags and gloves at the Co-op, right?  

Maryse: Correct. 

Rob: The Co-Op will have a free BBQ for all cleanup volunteers on that day, again, that’s on May the 5, Sunday May the 5th and that’s coming up. That’s just around the corner. City Manager Maryse Carmichael, as always, a pleasure. Thank you very much for this. 

Maryse: Thank you.