Construction on the zero block of Main Street North has run into some issues, but the city believes it will remain on schedule. 

The construction is taking place from Manitoba Street to River Street to replace failing cast iron water mains. This includes the closure of the Main Street and River Street intersection. 

“We had some challenges gaining isolation on River Street and that is a pretty normal procedure for water main replacement when turning valves that are 85 to 110 years old, so it’s a bit of a challenge getting isolation there,” said Director of Operations Bevan Harlton. 

In conjunction with that, there will be water main replacement on River Street East from Main Street to First Avenue Northeast as the weeks go on.   

Once the water main replacement is finished, the city plans to repave Main Street from Manitoba Street to Fairford Street. 

Harlton said they remain on schedule to have the downtown construction completed before the height of tourism season. 

“What we’ve committed is to be done both the paved roads project on Main Street as well as the water main replacement before Sidewalk Days, so we’re still holding to the schedule,” he said. 

The City of Moose Jaw is reminding both residents and visitors that businesses along the zero block of Main Street North will continue to be open during the construction.