A 22-year-old man facing a charge of possession of child pornography made his first court appearance in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Thursday. 

Ashton Webber appeared in custody before Judge Brian Hendrickson. Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker agreed to his release under conditions. 

The conditions include:  

  • Appear in court when ordered 
  • Maintain a specific address to live at and notify the court of any change of address
  • No contact with anyone under the age of 16 except when a sober adult is present that is aware of the charges
  • Do not attend a public park or swimming pool or any public area where children under 16 frequent
  • Cannot be employed or volunteer in which he is in a position of trust of anyone under the age of 16
  • Prohibited from using any device that can store data except for a standard phone unless it is required by an employer, the device is under the control of the employer and is on the employer's premises or the device is in the control of an educational institution for study purposes
  • Prohibited from internet access
  • Must provide passwords, fingerprints or patterns to access devices when asked
  • Prohibited from accessing pornographic material
  • Must answer the door and present himself when asked 
  • Can be searched without a warrant no more than three times per month to ensure compliance. 
  • Can have devices searched without a warrant to ensure compliance

Webber was arrested on Wednesday after a search warrant was executed at a residence on the 300 block of Lillooet Street West by the Moose Jaw Police Service in partnership with the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation Unit and the RCMP Digital Forensic Services. 

Webber will make his next court appearance on June 6.