The building on the 100 block of High Street where the man was found in a furnance


A few more details have been released after that bizarre story we brought you on the weekend about a man getting stuck in a furnace while trying to hide from police.

It started around 10 o'clock Saturday morning when police were called to a man on the roof of a building just north of Mosaic Place, on the 100 block of High Street West.  Police attempted to get the man to come down but he started throwing bricks at the officers.  

A negotiator was brought in and that's when the man tried to escape through the building's chimney. In doing so, he fell an estimated 40 feet and became trapped in the furnace.  He started calling for help and with the help of EMS and the fire department, he was freed.  While helping the injured man, police discovered he was carrying a sword.

The man was taken to hospital to be treated for minor injuries and evaluation. The male is facing charges of mischief to property and assaulting a police officer.