Only three days is what separates us from Homestand 22 making its return to Ross Wells Park.  

This year's show will feature Chilliwack, Nice Horse, JJ Voss, and the headliner Matt Mays. All of the proceeds from the concert will go towards mental health initiatives for local students as well as the beautification of Ross Wells Park, which Matt Mays thinks is a terrific cause.  

“I think there should be much more of that, and more attention to it at a younger level and getting to it earlier. On behalf of my band and I we’re really happy to be a part of it,” says Mays in an interview with Country 100’s Courtney Fielder on Tuesday. 

Mays hails from Hamilton, Ont., and grew up in Nova Scotia. He is an indie rock singer-songwriter who has alternated between solo projects like his debut film soundtrack “When The Angels Make Contact” and band projects such as “Matt Mays & El Torpedo”. 

For those heading to Homestand 22 and seeing Mays for the first time, he says that there’s never a dull moment with his performances.  

“It’s pretty fun. Our shows have been really fun and we’ve had a pretty good little run over the last few weeks and we’re in tip-top shape.” 

COVID-19 put a halt on him being able to tour, but now restrictions lifted and live shows happening again he’s excited to be able to finally perform in front of live audiences.

“It’s been a real treat. We had a rough go and we weren’t sure if we’d ever go on tour again for a while there so it’s been really celebratory. The crowds were amazing too for that reason and it’s just been more of a richer experience than it was before.” 

Due to the pandemic putting a pause on going out on the road, in early 2020 Mays set up a studio in his garage.  

“It was an unheated garage. I banged out a little record, which was good.” 

That little record was called “Dog City”, an inspiring album written from the perspective of a rescue dog. 

In early 2021, he produced and released a live album “From Burnside With Love”, which showcased unplugged versions of his most popular songs.  Mays released "Coyote" in 2012 to much acclaim, including a JUNO Award win for Rock Album of the Year.

All of the festivities get underway at 1 p.m. on Saturday with a showing of the Banjo Bowl between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on a giant video screen followed by the concert.  

Tickets are still available by going to 

Below you can listen to the full interview between Country 100's Courtney Fielder and Matt Mays: