Dale McBain walks away the clear winner in the 2006 Moose Jaw Civic Election. Al Schwinghamer, Brian Swanson, Dawn Luhning, Darin Chow, Regina Sagal-Hendry and Mary Dell Findlay will form council. Finally, yes to Multiplex.


Dale McBain is the new mayor of the City of Moose Jaw!

McBain received overwhelming support Wednesday with 6394 votes. Gaye Stewart a distant 2nd with 2414 votes and Jim Carr with 1887.

McBain, a retired educator and former city councillor, was very pleased with the victory. "I'm really excited by the thought of being the mayor for the next three years and I'm really looking forward to it. Obviously I've been looking forward to it since the beginning of the campaign but now that it’s a reality I'm really excited about getting on with the job."

Our new city council is made up of former mayor Al Schwinghamer, incumbents Brian Swanson and Dawn Luhning along with Darin Chow, Regina Sagal-Hendry and Mary-Dell Findlay. A group of people that our new mayor is excited to work with. "Its unique to Moose Jaw this time with a three male and three female council. It looks like a really good council with a good combination of experience and newness there. I think we've got some people that are willing to work hard and we've got some people that are willing to get behind the best interests of the city and put those forward."

And when it comes to the number one issues in this election there was overwhelming support for the multiplex question on the election ballot here in Moose Jaw.

7051 voted for the resolution to commit 15 million dollars towards the project with only 2822 against working out to 71 per cent support.

From here council must re-affirm the commitment and from their work towards getting a project started.