The City of Moose Jaw signed an official proclamation for Public Works Week, which will be running from May 21 to 27. 

The theme this year is 'Connecting The World Through Public Works'. The signing took place at the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tuesday. 

Mayor Clive Tolley, along with many Public Works representatives, were in attendance for the signing.

“Whether it’s repairing infrastructure, ensuring safe drinking water, collecting our garbage, beautifying our green spaces and more, Public Works employees improve the quality of life for all Moose Javians,” said Tolley. “I encourage all residents to take some time during Public Works Week to appreciate the multiple ways our Public Works employees positively impact Moose Jaw.”

Staci Dobrescu, Utilities Supervisor for Water and Wastewater, believes in the importance of recognizing those who are employed in Public Works. 

"[Public Works Employees] are not recognized very often," Dobrescu remarked. "[It's important] to take that week and recognize what we do, how we are in the communities, how we serve and how we are there for the communities to ensure that everyone in the community has a better quality of life."

Mayor Clive Tolley signs the proclamation. Utilities Supervisor for Water and Wastewater Staci Dobrescu is also picturedMayor Clive Tolley signs the proclamation. Utilities Supervisor for Water and Wastewater Staci Dobrescu is also pictured.

Dobrescu mentioned that there are many different areas of Public Works jobs including lawyers, engineers, accountants, media and communications officers, and frontline staff taking care of the roads and wastewater.

"We have so many different facets with the City of Moose Jaw that you are not actually confined to one job," Dobrescu discussed. "We have people who worked outside and have ended up in city hall, or vice versa! It gives you an opportunity for a lot of different career paths."

The City of Moose Jaw invites all residents to the annual Public Works Week Open House at the City Complex (1010 High St. West) Wednesday, May 24 for live demonstrations, games and to view multiple pieces of heavy equipment on display.  

The Open House will take place between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. High school students are invited to attend beginning at 10 a.m. to learn about careers available at the City of Moose Jaw.