On February 10, the Moose Jaw Gamers Association (MJGA) held the largest and longest-running gaming convention in the province, called Winter GAX. 

Winter GAX brought in over $4,200 during the convention, and the MJGA are excited to announce that they will be donating $2,500 of that to Hunger in Moose Jaw. 

With over 175 people in attendance this year, the MJGA requested feedback from all participants to make improvements for next year. 

“One of the most common types of feedback that we got was a request for additional TVs and consoles for video gaming,” explains MJGA Vice President, Talon Regent. “That way we wouldn’t have lineups of 5 or 10 people looking to play.” 

The MJGA is also looking into hosting more video game competitions. 

“We always have a Super Smash Brothers tournament, but a lot of people are interested in things like a Mario Kart tournament and a Mortal Kombat tournament, so, if we have the resources available to host those tournaments, we’d love to be able to put those on for folks.” 

This year, Winter GAX hosted the national qualifier event for Settlers of Catan, which was won by a man from Regina. They hope to do this again next year and be a qualifier for Magic the Gathering, as well. 

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