The newest member of the Moose Jaw Police Service, Sven, made his debut at the Moose Jaw Board of Police Commissioners on Thursday.  

Sven is an Assistance Dogs International accredited facility dog. The three-year-old black lab’s role is to support individuals affected by crime and usually crimes against the person.  

Sven, who is named after the reindeer from the movie Frozen, can attend police interviews to give victims a sense of security. He’s also trained to attend court proceedings and can go into the testimonial box with victims when they are in court.  

“He definitely has a grounding. He'll lean in towards you and during an interview, he will put his paws or his head on your lap,” said Terri Roney, victim services coordinator.  

Sven comes to Moose Jaw from the Pacific Assistance Dog Society in British Columbia and has been training there since he was eight weeks old.  

Moose Jaw Police Service Chief Rick Bourassa said getting another facility dog has been a long time coming.  

“As you know, we had been involved with Donna Blondeau who was our victim services coordinator that retired last year and Kane, who was our facilities dog, retired with her and we have been without a facilities dog, what's been known as an intervention canine and any number of iterations of the name, for about a year and a half,” Bourassa said.  

Kane retired after serving over six years with the Moose Jaw Police Service.