The Moose Jaw and District Fire Department (MJFD) had a busy year in 2023, continuing an upward trend towards pre-pandemic call volumes which started in 2022.

MJFD held Fire Prevention Week on October 8-14, informing the public that 'Cooking safety starts with YOU'. The messaging focused on fire prevention and safety in the kitchen. As part of Fire Prevention Week 404 students from seven schools in grades 6 through 8 took part in tours and safety classes at the South Hill Firehall. 

The Stadacona Apartments were closed due to safety violations and remain closed at this time.

The report indicates a total of 6,933 people were reached though safety education and public events in 2023, which is nearly double the total of 3646 reached in 2022.

These education and public safety events included 78 Fire Safety School Program Presentations, 27 station tours, 14 public relations events and 13 school assembly/pre-school/daycare presentations.

MJFD conducted a total of 882 inspections throughout the year, 618 in-company inspections, 59 licensed home/ facility inspections and 97 other inspections over the year.

MJFD responded to 915 incidents in 2023, of which 41 were rural, these incidents included:

  • False Alarms- 306
  • Fire (structure, vehicle, grass, rubbish, etc.) - 113
  • Cooking Incident- 84
  • First Responder EMS- 87
  • EMS Lift Assist- 17
  • Hazmat- 8 
  • Motor Vehicle Collision- 101
  • Carbon Monoxide, other- 24
  • Electrical- 20
  • Rescue- 13
  • Service Calls- 142

The values for City of Moose Jaw and Rural for the year were $22,924,399.00, of which $688,000.00 were total losses. Showing a total amount saved of $22,236,299.00.