After a few weeks of reasonable prices at the pumps here in Moose Jaw, things have begun to change. 

On Wednesday morning, a few stations around the city raised their gas price to 145.9 and 146.9 cents per litre, up about nine cents from 137.9, which it has been at since about the middle of December.  

As of Wednesday morning, the remaining stations around Moose Jaw listed on GasBuddy’s website are still at the low price of 137.9 cents per litre.  

This recent gas spike may be the soft landing that GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst, Patrick DeHaan spoke about in the middle of December.  

“We could see it go a little bit lower, although, with numbers just out from the US Government, it does look like inflation may be slowing down and that could heat oil prices back up,” says DeHaan in a Dec. 13 interview.  

Dec. 13 also marked the day that the city saw its lowest fuel price in almost a year when it dropped all the way down to 133.9 cents per litre. That marked a price drop of about 70 cents in Moose Jaw from its highest-recorded average of 206.9, which was seen back on June 9, 2022.  

In Moose Jaw on Wednesday morning, the average price of gasoline is now up to 146.9 cents per litre, which is three cents higher than the provincial average.  

Though the price has jumped in Moose Jaw, other cities across Canada have seen drops. The most expensive gas price in Canada is listed at 175.9 in Golden, BC, while the cheapest location in the country is Rocky Mountain House, Atla., 107.9 cents per litre.