After several years of planning a partnership agreement between the Moose Jaw Minor Hockey Association (MJMHA) and the Global Sport Academy has been made. 

“It’s a fresh outlook on our program and it’ll certainly be an opportunity for us to be more competitive in the province.” said Lloyd Friesen, Executive Director of MJMHA. 

The partnership will introduce several non-parent coaches into the MJMHA roster and expand and refine the program. 

One of the partnership's main goals will be integrating academic and skills-based aspects to the program. 

“(It’s) an opportunity to succeed not only on the ice, but to refine their skills and character development to align with life in general.” said Friesen. 

They aim to create a more rounded experience by getting athletes involved in multi-sports sessions, partnering with the Hillcrest Golf Club’s golf program and Gap Fitness Training Centre. 

MJMHA will also be working in tandem with Holy Trinity Catholic School Division and Prairie South School Division to provide classroom instruction with focus on leadership.  

Plans are in place to expand morning academic programs for U13 athletes, emphasizing life and leadership skills and family support.  

“Our goal is to develop the entire person rather than just a hockey player.” said Friesen. 

The partnership will also make it possible to expand the numbers of players and the options available within the league, says Friesen. 

“U15 AA, U16 AA, and U18 AA now being opened by Hockey Saskatchewan, that means we will have an increased number of players, perhaps an increased number of players coming to join us from outside the limits of Moose Jaw,” said Friesen. 

The changes will be put in place for the upcoming hockey season, with the new coaches arriving in early May.  

There will be an official announcement made at that time, and then they will meet with current coaches and participate in a question period with the parents of the athletes.