Airport projects in 12 Saskatchewan communities are set to benefit from a $889,000 commitment from the Government of Saskatchewan.  

"This particular infrastructure plays a key role in our transportation system," Highways Minister Lori Carr said in a press release.

"Community and regional airports support air ambulance, policing and firefighting services, along with the agricultural sector and other industries, while positioning rural and northern communities for growth."

The funding comes from the Ministry of Highways’ Community Airport Partnership (CAP) program, which invests funds into projects such as upgrades to runways and taxiways, lighting, security fencing and navigational systems. 

"The aviation sector across Saskatchewan is grateful for this ongoing partnership with the provincial government,” Saskatchewan Aviation Council President Janet Keim said in a press release.

“As we all know, airports are drivers of economic growth. Thanks to this important program, key infrastructure investments are maintaining and improving airports servicing communities throughout Saskatchewan, thereby contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of the region."

The program uses a cost-sharing method, in which project costs are split 50/50 between the recipient and the provincial government, up to a maximum of $275,000. 

Moose Jaw Municipal Airport Authority is among the 12 community airports slated to receive funding over the 2024-25. $120,000 in funding is dedicated to the multi-phase engineering and earthworks project being conducted on Apron II and Taxiway C at the airport. 

Some of the other community airports that are recipients of the funding include: Yorkton, Tisdale, Weyburn and Melfort. 

CAP has allocated almost $12 million towards 43 regional airports since 2008.