The Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) has some new weapons in the fight against crime.

"We actually just converted our entire service over to the new Glock pistols," explained Constable Rodney Zoerb. "We went from a 40 caliber to a 9 mm, which would save us some costs in ammo savings and also updated us with new guns."

The MJPS also has access to shotguns (Remington 870 12-guage) and carbines (Colt MRR Chambered 5.56 mm).

"Not every officer is trained in carbine," continued Zoerb. "We're right now trying to get our numbers up to an adequate spot. The hope is in the future that more and more officers would be trained."

Zoerb noted that there are provincial qualification standards for all three of the department's firearms that all officers must complete annually.

He added that safety is paramount.

"No matter what, we have to function firearms both in training and in the real world when we're out there on the street in the safest possible manner. We don't have any room for error."

Zoerb advised that Moose Jaw officers rarely fire their weapons on the street. The most common use is to dispatch animals.

Firearms was the final session covered during the Citizens' Police Academy, which wrapped up last Thursday. Participants had the opportunity to fire a Glock 17 in the indoor shooting range.