Moose Jaw's runoff levels are looking pretty sporadic this year, according to the new 2023 Spring Runoff Forecast. 

Moisture levels in the surrounding area range anywhere between 'well below normal' to 'above normal'. 

"It's kind of a mixed bag in Moose Jaw and area depending on where you are", commented Patrick Boyle from the Water Security Agency. 

Boyle said the South and West areas of Moose Jaw are looking drier this year, while the North and East areas are in 'normal' to 'above normal' categories. 

"Moose Jaw and area isn't expecting any issues [with flooding]," remarked Boyle. "Having said that, things can change on short notice with the weather, but nothing we're expecting right now."

Boyle mentioned that it wouldn't hurt to have more snowfall before spring arrives, as it would improve the soil for crop production. 

"I think it's safe to say that a lot of producers in Moose Jaw and area will be looking for more moisture here going forward."

The next spring runoff forecast will be issued in early April. You can view these updates on