Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

Were Al Capone and his rum running renegades ever truly in Moose Jaw?

That's what a television film crew was here in our city to find out Wednesday as they were shooting a new television show called Exhibit Eh! : Exposing Canada One Mystery at a Time.

We caught up with Co-host Todd Macfie to find out what he thinks about Big Al. "Its hard to say whether Al was here but we're going to do a little bit of investigation. The main thing that I'm interested in is the stories that people tell and the little bit of myths that people live with."

Candice Kirkpatrick with the Tunnels of Moose Jaw was thrilled to have the show film here Wednesday and says the exposure is always a plus. "There are so many stories placing Al Capone here in Moose Jaw during the 1920's, or his henchmen so to speak, that its extremely possible and the stories that have been told to us have been told by some pretty reputable families here in town so I have no doubt that he was probably here."

The film crew was conducting interviews with those people from Moose Jaw as well as taking tunnel tours.